Friday, 6 May 2011

Pitch Idea Concepts

Above is an artist study i produced to get a get an idea about how to create
a mysterious atmosphere.

An artist study above from the concept work of the game Uncharted 2.

A concept for the ending of my short film, i wanted a direct contrast between the ending sequences and the vast open, bright spaces of the mountains.

Concept for my second pitch idea, i was trying to find a style and visualise the world my character will live in.

Above is An artist study of Andrew Wyeth, a possible idea of style for the film.

Quick thumb nails for colour, style and perspective.

A quick mock up of the potential kitchen, just to gauge the layout before painting. Created in Autodesk Maya.

Monday, 25 October 2010

layouts and Paintings

Above is An artist study just to learn some new techniques and a rough idea of style for my grad film.

This is a quick concept painting for one of my ideas for my grad pitch later this year, just experimenting with composition and lighting..yea.

Above is a colour study for my personal pitch work using Photoshop. It is from the BBC series Band of Brothers.

Above is an artist study I produced from a digital artist named Colin Fix.